Carnaroli Naturale, Risotto Rice (Crop 2010)

Carnaroli Naturale Rice

Risotto is a traditional rice dish from the north of Italy. The king of Italian rice varieties, Carnaroli is the preferred choice for top risotto chefs. Its unique gastronomic qualities are derived from a perfect balance between absorbing seasoning and retaining consistency during cooking. The result is a risotto where grains are tender on the outside but still firm within, or al dente as we Italians say. Its texture is creamy and velvety. Carnaroli is less likely to become overcooked because of its large grain size and specific starch content.

Carnaroli Naturale is cultivated according to the ancient traditional methods which do not stress either the soil or the rice plant. Crop rotation has been introduced to avoid excessive depletion of soil nutrients: rapeseed is grown in winter and spring to nourish the soil before the rice sowing time. The rice plants are not forced to produce to their utmost but are allowed to find their own balance according to the nutrients in the soil and the climate. Manual methods only are involved in weeding the paddy fields and no pesticides or any kind of chemicals fertilisers whatsoever are used with this variety. The rice is then slowly dried in the northern Italian sun to reduce the moisture before being milled.

Also available as Brown Rice*

* Brown Rice (Wholegrain Rice) undergoes only minimal milling, which removes the husk but keeps the bran layer. Due to this the rice retains more vitamins, minerals and fibre than regular or "easy cook" white rice. The grains remain separate when cooked but take longer to soften. Use it to prepare rice salads, the best dish for a healthy packed lunch or picnic. It is particularly important that brown rice is grown using natural methods avoiding chemicals, commonly found in traditional agriculture, which can be deposited on the husk very close to the edible layer.

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