Natural Production

Natural Production

Many rice grower don't eat their own rice because milling machinery used to be very expensive and only the big industry could affor to pay million pounds to purchase them. Recently, smaller milling machinery become widespread allowing farmer to remove the husk from they own rice grains and eat them. In 2007 Marinone family started a project to grow rice for its own use. They begun to grow rice in a natural way reducing to zero pesticides and herbicides. Please note that this differ from organic food, in organic cultivation many pesticides and herbicides are allowed (even though in smaller quantity compared with non-organic cultivation).
The natural production is aimed to use as much as possible energy coming directly from nature. Weeds are removed by hand and when harvested, rice grains are dried using sun heat.

Hand weeding is time and energy consuming work. One hectare required in 1939 (manual work)more than 1000 hours of work, currently committed to an average of no more than 50 hours using modern cultivation.
Natural cultivation require between 200 to 400 hours depending on the quantity on weeds

Our rice is dried under the Sun. (Normal rice is dried in a huge hairdrier consuming non renovable energies)

Rice plants are not stressed to produce at the maximum so they can produce better quality rice that happens to be more resilent to pests and weeds. The drawback is that crop is reduced to 50% or less, increasing thus the price per kilo. Because of the large amount of manual work, only about one hectare can be cultivated using this method. The variety choosen for the natural cultivation is Carnaroli, it is the best for risotto and is often referred as the king of Italian rice. It has a perfect balance between absorbing seasoning and retaining consistency during cooking.

Carnaroli Naturale field - This small field is the only one where rice is grown using the natural way. Large amount of manual work limits the extent of rice produced in this way.

In 2011 Massimo and Beatrice decided to import in England this rice, among other variety, to offer the possibility to everybody who is interesed in good food and eating healty. You can contact them or visit our online shop.

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