Rosa Marchetti, Soup and Side Dish Rice (crop 2010)

Rosa Marchetti Rice

Rosa Marchetti is a local but increasingly rare variety cultivated by very few growers today. The grains are of medium length and rounded making them suitable for boiling and steaming.

Our Rosa Marchetti is cultivated according to certified Macrobiotic methods of growing and processing. The macrobiotic approach to life believes that food and food quality powerfully affect a person's health, well-being and happiness. A macrobiotic diet puts a high value on traditional, naturally processed food and is largely based on wholegrain rice.

Also available as Brown Rice*

* Brown Rice (Wholegrain Rice) undergoes only minimal milling, which removes the husk but keeps the bran layer. Due to this the rice retains more vitamins, minerals and fibre than regular or "easy cook" white rice. The grains remain separate when cooked but take longer to soften. Use it to prepare rice salads, the best dish for a healthy packed lunch or picnic. It is particularly important that brown rice is grown using natural methods avoiding chemicals, commonly found in traditional agriculture, which can be deposited on the husk very close to the edible layer.

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